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716 Korea SIM Gold View Details I often search online locally and the location is fast and accurate. It’s great to have a Korean phone number to receive text messages while waiting for a table at a Korean restaurant.

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Y**** 2023.12.28 194 0 5points
715 Korea SIM Gold View Details side (in the mountains, near the sea) by express bus and had no trouble at all. You can use it just by inserting the SIM card. I would like to use it again when I go to Korea next time.I traveled around the country

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k**** 2023.12.28 180 0 5points
714 Korea SIM Gold View Details When you go to the SK counter, you have to get your number plate and wait for your number to be called. There are quite a lot of people queuing up. The local network is very smooth and easy to use.

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T**** 2023.12.28 184 0 5points
713 Korea SIM Gold View Details I had some trouble connecting my iPhone, but I managed to do it! You can now use it by pressing the button that seems to delete the previous network information and restarting!

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K**** 2023.12.28 175 0 5points
712 Korea SIM Gold View Details Although changing the card is a bit troublesome, the network is really fast and stable. There is also a phone number. You can also order delivery with a phone number. I will continue to use the network card in the future.

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詩**** 2023.12.28 186 0 5points
711 Korea SIM Gold View Details he fast internet and will choose to use it again next time.It’s fast and convenient. You can find the service counter as soon as you enter the country. The service quality and staff attitude are great! As soon as you install it on your phone, you will be able to use t

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B**** 2023.12.28 186 0 5points
710 Korea SIM Gold View Details This is my first time using it, so I'm used to it and it was easy to use. It would be easier to use if there was a one-week plan. .

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R**** 2023.12.28 188 0 5points
709 Korea SIM Gold View Details The price is a bit high, but it has a phone number and is really convenient in Korea. There is no problem in making reservations.

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P**** 2023.12.28 190 0 5points
708 Korea SIM Gold View Details Great speed. Network coverage is good

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S**** 2023.12.27 185 0 5points
707 Korea SIM Gold View Details eSIM setup is fast and there is no need to remove the card, which is really good news for forgetful people!

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Y**** 2023.12.27 182 0 5points

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