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Product Reviews
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726 Korea eSIM Red View Details

It was so simple to access with qr code

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A**** 2024.01.10 325 0 5points
725 Korea SIM Purple View Details Thank you Seon Park for organizing our tour so well and taking care of all the aspects of a fun vacation. He is extremely professional and provided us with were extremely hospitable and did their best to make sure that we have a nice time. Thank you .

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P**** 2023.12.28 362 0 5points
724 Korea SIM Purple View Details I borrowed it the last time I went to Korea, and there were no problems with it, so I borrowed it again this time. This time too, I was able to use it comfortably without any problems with the radio waves.

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J**** 2023.12.28 350 0 5points
723 Korea SIM Purple View Details I was able to use it without any particular problems. I use it every time.

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M**** 2023.12.28 334 0 5points
722 Korea SIM Purple View Details Convenient for collection and drop off. Always ask for extra battery pack so that you can bring it along in outdoors!

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C**** 2023.12.28 306 0 5points
721 Korea SIM Gold View Details It was so smooth that I thought I was using my own domestic network! You can even download videos! It’s much more convenient than applying for roaming before! It’s also convenient to get the card!

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T**** 2023.12.28 275 0 5points
720 Korea SIM Gold View Details great service and strong network

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K**** 2023.12.28 260 0 5points
719 Korea SIM Gold View Details Like, it’s very convenient without getting stuck☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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冠**** 2023.12.28 234 0 5points
718 Korea SIM Gold View Details This time, after staying for a month, I chose a physical sim card and felt more at ease? Very fast, smooth and easy to use

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瀅**** 2023.12.28 220 0 5points
717 Korea SIM Gold View Details After entering the country at the airport, you can quickly and easily pick up your SIM card. Moreover, Korean phone numbers are required in many places during the entire journey, which makes the product even more attractive.

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C**** 2023.12.28 204 0 5points

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