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706 Korea SIM Gold View Details No need to change sim cards, simple and convenient settings, smooth connection

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C**** 2023.12.27 183 0 5points
705 Korea SIM Gold View Details After entering the country, go to the counter and you can immediately exchange it for an eSIM QRCode. Once the installation is complete, you can start surfing the Internet and receiving text messages. It is very convenient! The whole process does not require a physical SIM card, and there is no need to wait for delivery, which saves a lot of waiting and procedure troubles, making traveling more relaxed and comfortable.

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Y**** 2023.12.27 177 0 5points
704 Korea SIM Gold View Details The internet speed is very fast. Although it takes a little more steps to get the QR code at the counter at the airport, the staff is quick and friendly. I will order again next time!

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珮**** 2023.12.27 172 0 5points
703 Korea SIM Gold View Details You can cash it out as soon as you arrive at the airport, and the included card pin makes it easy to replace the original SIM card. The network is stable and fast, and there is no traffic limit, so you can use it with peace of mind without worrying about being out of the network.

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炫**** 2023.12.27 177 0 5points
702 Korea SIM Gold View Details I originally thought that some mobile phones could not be used, but later I found out that I was given a sim card, so there was no problem with mobile phone restrictions. It was very easy to use and the network was very stable. The phone number allowed me to use chat software and make reservations. It was awesome.

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J**** 2023.12.27 180 0 5points
701 Korea SIM Gold View Details In the past, due to the prevalence of fraud, esims were collected online without a phone number. Fortunately, a plan for esims collected at the airport with a number was introduced. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient to wait in many places in Korea. After entering the country, go to the SKT counter and show the kkday QR Code to the teller. , print out a piece of paper and scan the esim QR code above to activate it immediately. There are also sim cards/esims with numbers for sale on-site, but they are slightly more expensive than online. It is recommended to order on kkday and pick them up on-site (interlude: the clerk first I thought it was a physical sim card, but I reminded him that it was an esim and he helped me replace it.) Subsequent use is exactly the same as the original esim plan. I have repurchased it for the third time. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than other esims without numbers XD

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Y**** 2023.12.27 181 0 5points
700 Korea SIM Gold View Details Telco staff at airport speaks English well and are helpful

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R**** 2023.12.27 180 0 5points
699 Korea SIM Gold View Details I picked it up in Jeju Island. The staff was very friendly and helped me set it up until it could be used.

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C**** 2023.12.27 174 0 5points
698 Korea SIM Gold View Details Continuing from last time, I would like to thank you for your help over the three days. After learning how easy it is, eSIM is my choice.

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K**** 2023.12.06 218 0 5points
697 Korea SIM Gold View Details It was my first trip to Korea in 3 years after the coronavirus. I had done my homework, but thanks to this trip I was able to do more than I expected. I will use it again.

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曜**** 2023.12.06 208 0 5points

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