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786 Korea eSIM Red View Details 快適に使えました!

到着すぐに使用でき、ソウル市内問題なく使うことができて便利でした。 設定も簡単でわかりやすく、初心者の方にも使いやすいと思います。

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秋**** 2024.03.15 503 0 5points
785 Korea eSIM Red View Details 濟州也沒問題非常穩定

本來擔心去濟州島是否可用 不過這家有特別說濟州島也可用 抱著期待又緊張的心情 在桃機就先加入esim QR CODE是寄到自己電子信箱特別獨立一封信件的 一到濟州機場把原本自己電話號碼的功能關閉後 自動就連上韓國電信了 使用了五天都非常非常的順暢沒有任何卡唷

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恩**** 2024.03.15 482 0 5points
784 Korea SIM Gold View Details nice one

Very good, fast network

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H**** 2024.03.15 452 0 5points
783 Korea SIM Gold View Details 很推!網路速度很快很讚


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于**** 2024.03.15 411 0 5points
782 Korea SIM Gold View Details Highly recommended!

The counter was super easy to find. Very friendly staff (able to communicate in English) and smooth redemption process. Stable network connection in Seoul.

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K**** 2024.03.15 395 0 5points
781 Korea SIM Blue View Details

I used Korea SIM Blue plus  cards for 5 phones (Samsung Galaxy S21 FE  & iPhone 12 & 13) in June 2023.  All worked very well.  Easy to install & set up as written in the instruction sheet.  We all had own numbers to call/text each other and unlimited data during the stay for 15 days.  BUT on the last day, I got a message saying that my call time was about to be all used up.  I made phone calls most during the stay in Korea.  Never used for international calls/ pay-per-call service/ anything like that but still ran out of minutes.   It's not truly unlimited calls and I couldn't find how to check the remaining call minutes.   However it's not worrisome degree.  I had plenty of call minutes during the stay in Korea.  No need to worry that call minutes may be short but shouldn't overuse it.  

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k**** 2024.03.11 382 0 5points
780 Korea SIM Gold View Details 最方便的電話卡

網路飛快 仁川機場領取時服務人員也很親切

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N**** 2024.03.11 332 0 5points
779 Korea SIM Gold View Details 推薦給各位

手機是s23u,飛機降落先換卡,起初沒有甚麼訊號(回國時才發現仁川機場登機處訊號不好)之後過海關那邊訊號就有了,整個訊號開始穩定是在仁川機場1F處。 之後幾天旅遊不管是在首爾市區還是在南怡島或是在伊利西安滑雪場都有不錯的網路速度,PO文發ig都沒問題,臨時備份相片也沒問題,很滿意這次的使用。

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K**** 2024.03.11 320 0 5points
778 Korea SIM Gold View Details 超級好用!!


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Y**** 2024.03.11 280 0 5points
777 Korea eSIM Red View Details 舒適


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俊**** 2024.03.11 272 0 5points

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