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766 Korea eSIM Red View Details 非常に良い


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A**** 2024.02.26 272 0 5points
765 Korea eSIM Red View Details

Fantastic and easy to use. eSim red is with SKT, which is a top provider. I've used the eSim red 4 times now, and it has worked every single time. Airlo does not work well in Korea and is horrible. 

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h**** 2024.02.23 320 0 5points
764 Korea SIM Gold View Details

It was the first time I used the airport pick-up method. I arrived in Korea very late and there was still a dedicated person at the counter. The service was very fast.

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I**** 2024.02.21 364 0 5points
763 Korea SIM Gold View Details

After picking up the barcode at Incheon Airport, the scan was successful immediately. It was completed faster than expected. I am very satisfied!

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E**** 2024.02.21 392 0 5points
762 Korea SIM Gold View Details

Their price and service are really competitive and delivery speed is also fast as well

keep in mind that you need to register the sim with your id in order to use a phone # which can be used as an ID in South Korea within 30 days, but it won't begin actual usage period until you actually start using it in South Korea

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H**** 2024.02.20 463 0 5points
761 Korea eSIM Red View Details 網絡快速,但設定需有耐心

在仁川機場可以快速的找到櫃檯,領取也很方便。 只是因為是現場拿到,無法提前準備,當天在機場一直失敗,設定了快15分鐘才成功,需要有點耐心 除了一開始的小挫折外,目前使用到現在都很滿意,也真的有用到電話號碼去進行候位,方便又快速!

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S**** 2024.02.16 415 0 5points
760 Korea SIM Gold View Details 使用簡易方便


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耀**** 2024.02.16 381 0 5points
759 Korea SIM Gold View Details 推薦👍


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珮**** 2024.02.15 368 0 5points
758 Korea eSIM Red View Details よかったです

空港に着いてすぐになんの問題もなく使えました。 使用方法のスクリーンショットをとっておくと便利です。

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聖**** 2024.02.13 349 0 5points
757 Korea eSIM Red View Details 5天4夜自由行 推薦!

大部分時候都很穩定 人多的地方稍微卡一點而已

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映**** 2024.02.13 354 0 5points

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