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Korea Sim Card

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Notice [Q-Code, K-ETA] How to get your Korean local phone number 010 for Q-Code or K-ETA Korea SIM card 2021.11.19 19673 0 0points
Notice [eSIM Red, Sky] I didn't receive the QR code email after the order. Korea SIM card 2020.11.30 5464 0 0points
15 I'd like to know the calling rates for Korea eSIM Red Plus or Korea SIM Gold Plus Korea SIM card 2024.03.04 884 0 0points
14 [eSIM] How to extract SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code from eSIM QR code image to install eSIM by manual mode Korea SIM card 2023.01.09 6638 0 0points
13 Where can I purchase a SIM card other than the airport? Korea SIM card 2022.04.06 13713 0 0points
12 [Q-Code, K-ETA] How to use Korean phone number with Korea SIM, regarding to the new Q-code system Korea SIM card 2021.05.24 11466 0 0points
11 When can I receive the SIM card if I order it with free delivery service in Korea? Korea SIM card 2020.06.15 6847 0 0points
10 Can Korea SIM card able to use self-authorization? Korea SIM card 2019.10.18 5663 0 0points
9 Payment failures happen when I try to make a payment. Korea SIM card 2019.04.11 3944 0 0points
8 How many Gold SIMs can I pick up? Korea SIM card 2018.07.30 3923 0 0points
7 Where can I pick up my SIM? Korea SIM card 2018.07.22 7736 0 0points
6 I need a SIM for more than 90 days. What options do I have? Korea SIM card 2018.07.22 5246 0 0points
5 Should I return the SIM after use? NO NEED TO DO THAT. Korea SIM card 2018.03.08 3806 0 0points
4 I checked the USIM(eSIM) was well activated. But I can not use the SIM with my phone. Korea SIM card 2018.02.09 12510 0 0points
3 What SIM should I buy? Korea SIM card 2017.12.20 8486 0 0points
2 How to check if your smartphone is unlocked / eSIM compatible Korea SIM card 2016.10.13 21486 28 0points
1 How can I activate the SIM I got from Korea SIM card? Korea SIM card 2016.10.13 10056 22 0points

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