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Korea eSIM Sky 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number Recommended New 적립금

Basic Information
Product Korea eSIM Sky 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number
Price $22.90
Special Offer $19.90 ($3.00 discount)

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Korea eSIM Sky 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number

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22.9(  0.1)
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Do you have an iPhone that supports eSIM?

We highly recommend you Korea eSIM SKY for 4G LTE unlimited data in South Korea.

Email Delivery / No pick-up

For an Android phone, choose 'Korea eSIM Red'(click).

There are reasons for the bestseller.

    Korea phone number for Q-Code system and K-ETA is provided(guaranteed only for iPhone).

    You can know the Korean phone number even before boarding the plane for Korea.

    You can receive it by e-mail without the hassle of pick-up or delivery.

    You can start to use it at anywhere, anytime in South Korea.

    Customer support in case of a problem is guaranteed(100% response rate to the shopping mall messenger).

Product detail

LG Uplus, the one of the three major mobile carrier in Korea
※ Do not prepare with other roaming SIMs with low quality.

Services are guaranteed in all Korean Territories, including Jeju island.

After 3GB of 4G LTE Full-Speed per day, unlimited data is available at speeds of 5Mbps.
※ 5Mbps is fast enough even for Youtube streaming with it.

Korean phone number(012) is given for receiving voice calls and messages, with eSIM QR code by email, right after purchase.
※ So, You can check the phone number in advance and use it for Q-Code or K-ETA before departure.

On the moment scanning the eSIM QR code and activating by online, You can start to use it right away.

This product is only for iPhone that is unlocked and has eSIM function.
※ If it's not an iPhone, please choose Korea SIM Red.

m-VoIP(Voice Talk, FaceTime, etc.) and tethering(Mobile Hotspot) are available.

At least 1 month of activation period after Receiving QR code is guaranteed.


5 Days   US$ 22.9US$ 19.9 (13.1% OFF)

7 Days   US$ 30.3US$ 25.9 (14.6% OFF)

10 Days   US$ 32.6US$ 27.9 (14.5% OFF)

15 Days   US$ 46.8US$ 39.9 (14.7% OFF)

20 Days   US$ 51.2US$ 43.9 (14.2% OFF)

30 Days   US$ 60.9US$ 51.9 (14.8% OFF)

40 Days   US$ 84.3US$ 71.8 (14.8% OFF)

60 Days   US$ 121.8US$ 103.8 (14.8% OFF)

Activation procedure

Purchase eSIM

Right after purchase, You will receive the eSIM QR code by the e-mail you wrote.
※ It may takes a few minutes from purchase to receiving the email. 

Recognize eSIM QR code in Setting Menu (Cellular data > Add Cellular Plan) in Wi-Fi surroundings.

eSIM activation procedure

Please activate it online with your passport and the SIM Barcode No., which is written on the voucher email.
(Korea eSIM SKY Activation; Click here)

Start using eSIM in Korea.


PLEASE CHECK HERE(click) if your iphone is unlocked and eSIM compatible before purchase.

Refunds are impossible in any cases. Please keep in mind before purchase.

Please DO NOT REMOVE Data Plan after Scanning the QR code in any case. Then, it can not be rescaned or reused.

Outgoing calls and messages are unavailable.

If you have not received it after purchase, please check your spam mail box or promotion tab.

The period of use is calculated from online activation, not the purchase date. (If you scanned the QR code and activated it at 10AM on the 4th June, you can use it until 10AM on the 9th.)

3GB of Full Speed data for one day will be provided at 12AM every midnight.

The eSIM QR code can be scanned up to twice. Once scanned, it can not be scanned with any other devices again.

Without online activation(uploading passport), you can not start to use eSIM

It can't be used for self-authorization. Therefore, it cannot be used for online services that require online identity authentication.

If you have questions about purchase or services, please contact us through the shopping mall Messenger (here in krsim.net)

If you encounter technical troubles, please contact LG Uplus Chat Service (Click Here) or call customer center 010-3998-1004.

Do You Have an iPhone that Supports eSIM? We Highly Recommend you Korea eSIM Sky with 4G LTE Unlimited Data and for Covid-19 Quarantine in South Korea. Unlimited Data & Phone Number. A Koraen Phone Number can be used for Covid-19 Qurantine App. in Airport. Phone Numbers are for receive-only, NOT for outgoing calls & messages. Immidiate Service upon Activation. A QR code will be sent to Your Email. Upon your online activation, the Service starts with no time. Activate it Whenever You Want. You don`t have to activate it right after receiving the QR code. Order now and activate it when you step off the plane at Korean Airport. Activation within 30 days guaranteed. Many eSIMs, Are they Good enough? Is the lowered speed of the Unlimited Data fast enough to view YouTube? Even casual web surfing is hard with the lowered speed at 128kbps~1Mbps. Does it offer Korean Phone Number required for Covid-19 Immigration? Without a Korean Phone Number, you may fail to pass Covid-19 Quarantine in Airport. Does it have a Help Desk at Airport to support you when in trouble? You can hardly find the eSIMs with technical support booths at Korean Airports. Is it safe from personal information leakage? NEVER send personal information to someone you cannot trust by Email. Korea eSIM Sky, There are reasons for the Bestseller. Real Unlimited Data. 3GB at LTE Full-Speed Everyday and Unlimited at 5Mbps at a lowered speed. 5Mbps speed is enough for even YouTube Steraming. 3GB of full-speed data will be reset at midnight everyday. Korean Phone Numbe. A receive-only Korean Phone Number(012) will be sent with a QR code by Email. You can check it in advance. The Phone Number can be sues for the Quarantine and Immigration related to Covid-19 in an airport, if necessary. You might not use the Phone Number if it is not an iPhone. Outgoing calls and messages are not supported in all circumstances. Service Duration at your will. The Service does not start on the purchase or QR code delivery but on the actual Usage in Korea. You can freely choose when to start the service within a month after purchase. The duration is calulated in hours. not days. 5 days eSIM started at 10AM on 4th ends at 10AM on 9th. Distionguished Genuine eSIM. LG Uplus, the Only Major Telco serving eSIM in Korea, guarantees the Perfect Quality all over the Country. When you have troubles in activation or usage, You can ask technical support from the LG Uplus Help Desk in Airport or by Online. Additional function & CS. Online calls throught messengers and Mobile Hot Spot(Tethering) available. We are answering tens of inquiries daily. You will get feedback 100% by Facebook Messenger. Korea eSIM Sky, What else? Precautions. Refunds are imorssible in any cases due to the nature of elecronic product. Only applicable on devices that are unlocked and supports eSIMs. Cannot be used on all Google Pixel series even if they support eSIM features. You cannot make a voice call or send messages. You can enjoy full services after online activation with a passport. You can scan QR code up to 2 times. NEVER delete eSIM before using all of it. One deleted, it cannot be rescaned or restored. Extention of duration is impossibel. You have to purchase another one. You cannot use the phone number for online self-identification. It can be activated in 1 month after receiving the QR code.

Procedure. Check if your device support eSIM. iPhone : If you find a Setting-Cellular-Add Cellular Plan-QR code scanner. then OK. Ohter : If you can find a QR code scanner in Setting-Mobile Network as a submenu, then OK. If it`s not an iPhone number might not be supported. It is not guaranteed. You cannot use eSIM Sky with Google Pixel series. Please do not purchase. Receive QR code by Email after purchase. Write down the exact e-mail address upon making an order.(Check the spam mail box, if needed) Scan QR code. It should be done in Korea while connected to WiFi.(You can use the airport`s free WiFi) Online Activation. Visit https://www.krsim.net/esimact to activate it, and the service starts immediately. Troubleshooting. Please check below, if it does not work even after the above process. 1. Scan the QR code in Setting>Cellular>Add Cellular Plan. 2. Confirm that you have activated it at https://www.krsim.net/esimact. 3. If you find an exitsting Profile(Setting>General>Profile), delete it and restart. 4. Go to Setting>Cellular>Select Network, select LGU+ manually and restart. 5. Go to Setting>General>Reset>Reset Network Setting and restart. Feel Free to Contact us any time. Please contact us via Facebook Messenger(ID : krsim). Feedback may be delyaed depending on the operating hours, but we guarantee 100% response. You can also astk technical supports in Incheon Int`l Airport.(6AM~10PM) Terminal 1 : LG U+ Booth between Gate 10 and Gate 11 on the 1st Floor. Terminal 2 : LG U+ Booth between Gate 4 and Gate 5 on the 1st Floor.

4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid eSIM in Incheon International Airport, for Your Trip to South Korea
You can pass Covid-19 related quarantine and immigration easily by applying the Korean Phone Number(010) for Q-Code or K-ETA

4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid eSIM in Korea at the Lowest Price starting from US$ 2.9 | The very eSIM in the Incheon International Airport at discount | Korea eSIMs with SK Telecom(SKT), LG Uplus(LG U+), kt network are the most reliable mobile communication service and solution providers in South Korea. Korea eSIM Sky provides 4G LTE unlimited data at full-speed, Korean phone numbers(starting with 012) and unlimited incoming calls and messages. | Especially, Everyone will experience the world fastest internet here in South Korea with the Korea eSIM Sky offering 4G LTE full speed at over avg. 220 Mbps. Korea eSIM Red offers extreme comfortable experience with unlimited data and Korean phone number(starting with 010) with which you can pass the Covid-19 related quarantine and immigration or apply for KETA as your phone number in advance. | No matter how much people use mobile data, they can enjoy Youtube streaming 24 hours during their stay in Republic of Korea with Korea eSIM Red. Korea SIM Cards powered by SK Telecom, LG Uplus and kt(Korea Telecom) network are a Authentic and Reliable Companies, that provide the best communication solution in Korea for your personal, local and international communication with unlimited data provided by 4G LTE Prepaid SIM, eSIM and WiFi EGG. With advanced 4G LTE Technology, Korea unlimited data and prepaid SIM cards, eSIM and WiFi Router with SKT, LG U+ and KT network, are designed to provide seamless always connected internet and personal local and international crystal clear voice calling at lowest prices. South Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM and eSIM help you to connect to internet with no concern and to your loved ones at exciting rates without any voice attenuation or distortion through SK Telecom and kt(Korea Telecom) network. Our Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM, USIM and eSIM users can now avail the opportunity of enjoying lowest rates in making and receiving calls and SMS service across Korean territories using local number over a lighting fast data connection. Korean SIM, eSIM and Wifi EGG offer all new prepaid services and packages that are best designed for diverse customer requirements. 4G LTE SIM card and eSIM in Korea allows you to stay connected with your relatives at unbelievable rates and premium telecommunication qualities with SKT and KT network. South Korea USIM card and eSIM welcomes you to experience its comprehensive customer support system including rapid complaint responses, and billing statements. We love to make things easier and fast for our valuable users hence we integrate latest updates and trends in our prepaid SIM cards and eSIM in Korea. We encourage you to browse our wide range of packages on Sim Card Korea and incredible offers keenly prepared for you. Please enjoy your very own Korean prepaid USIM Card, eSIM and Pocket Wifi EGG (router) availing the best services like never before. You can pick them up at all the South Korean International Airports including Incheon airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2), Gimhae airport (Busan), Gimpo airport, Daegu airport and Jeju airport and at international harbors including Incheon Harbor and Busan harbor.


Please leave your reviews here about Korea eSIM Sky 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number

Product Reviews
No. Title Posted by Date View Point

Their price and service are really competitive and delivery speed is also fast as well

keep in mind that you need to register the sim with your id in order to use a phone # which can be used as an ID in South Korea within 30 days, but it won't begin actual usage period until you actually start using it in South Korea

Popular message[1]
H**** 2024-02-20 930 5points

Easy connect , easy to use ~ i will use it agian

Popular message
A**** 2024-01-15 959 5points

It was really convenient and 3GB everyday made me feel so to use without any worry =)

Popular message
K**** 2024-01-10 698 5points

Internet speed is very fast and convenient

Popular message
h**** 2023-08-24 575 5points

We found the esim handy when cycling and didn't have access to free wifi. We didn't need to make phone calls while in Sth Korea so just having access to wifi was perfect.

Popular message
M**** 2023-08-08 632 5points

Fuss free eSIM setup, stable data connection for the 6 days I was in Seoul, cheaper than activating data passport from M1 yet with a local number for restaurant reservation.

Popular message
Korea SIM card 2023-08-07 578 5points

This is my number one choice whenever I visit Korea. The customer service is so great and the product is wonderful. I really recommend this product and this company if you need to have a phone and data service when you visit Korea!!!

Popular message
e**** 2023-06-29 356 5points

It's so convenient to scan the QR code I received by e-mail without the hassle of taking out and inserting the sim card 

I also love that I don't have to remove my existing sim card!

Popular message
J**** 2023-03-28 446 5points

I bought it as a gift for a friend from abroad and it's so nice! 

It's convenient because can use the Internet by receiving the QR code directly through email. 

The internet is fast, too! It also has a number, so it was good to use when entering the country

It would have been better if it was aired. I'll buy it again next time!!

Popular message
n**** 2023-03-28 374 5points

Good. Highly satisfied.

It was very convenient because I could download the plan by scanning a QR code. The data speed was fast enough. I recommended this eSIM to my friend also she satisfied with it. I will choose eSIM again for my overseas travels. Do not forget to do a registration on LGU+ website to activate the eSIM after the download !! I was a bit confused first time but it was quite simple. 

Popular message
j**** 2022-10-28 454 5points

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