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  • All Mobile Solutions for Travelers in Korea
    at the Lowest Price

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  • Korea Telecom,
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    the No. 1 Telecom Company in South Korea (in subscriber number)

    Unlimited Data with no concern
    Up to 275 Min. Voice Call to US. Available with 1GB (The rate varies by country.)

  • The Only and the Very
    Prepaid SIM at CVSs
    in Incheon Int'l Airport

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Unlimited Data SIM Dudi Hermawan5points

The sim card is worth the price. The connection is very reliable & fast. Makes you connected all the time! The pick up booth for the sim card is very easy to locate. Might as well purchase here online than buying directly at the booth. It is way much cheaper here. Glad to have googled this site. Thumbs up!

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Mylin Martinez Garbi3points

The goods are too good, but the price is too expensive.

Unlimited Data SIM Umair Javed5points

The SIM card is very helpful to me in my Korea trip. It's really unlimited and high-speed internet. Also the place to get the SIM card in the airport is quite easy to find.

Unlimited Data SIM S'äl Mâ4points

Good luck with your customer response to Facebook.

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Eric Volt5points

 The network speed is fast with good coverage.

Unlimited Data SIM Tuğba Can5points

 The SIM card is easy to get at collection spot and easy to install and operation just you think can do it T

Unlimited Data SIM ARI5points

Excellent! The pick up location is very convenient. The service is good. The network is everywhere.

Unlimited Data SIM Rachel5points

Convenient to use and easy installation at Gimhae airport. Data speed was awesome..

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Mayo5points
Very convenient and fast download.
Unlimited Data SIM Sabrina5points
Connection is fast and signal strength is also very good
4G LTE Prepaid SIM Nuri5points
Very fast and efficient. Will buy again if i go back korea. The network is stable and quite fast. Customer service at the counter is also good. They will help you with the setup and ensure everything is working before you leave. Highly recommended. It is very easy to buy and use too.
Unlimited Data SIM Joy5points
Very convenient. Arrived late at Incheon but still pickup was easy, and counter staff was nice and helpful. Internet speed was fast. Worth the price for 5 days.
Unlimited Data SIM Jinky5points
 I don't have to worry about my data usage for my entire trip in Seoul. Will definitely buy it again for my next trip!
Unlimited Data SIM Joel5points
Not as fast as what i would've wanted. But it works.
Unlimited Data SIM Muhammad5points
Was a bit tough to set up as it required multiple phone restarts but other than that, the speed is great and unlimited data has been incredibly convenient! Pickup was also easy :)
Unlimited Data SIM Shairul5points
Surprisingly works very well with excellent coverage and speed (by KT Olleh). No need to worry about massive data usage, I stream HD youtube videos - even hotel room wifi has lag. Just show the email to the airport wifi counter and receive the SIM card. Options of different size card (micro/normal) and refundable (if use your phone). I used my own MIFI device (4G capable) and its easy as pop the card in and on to use.
Unlimited Data SIM Schmidtt S.5points


4G LTE Prepaid SIM miu5points

    Very good. The network is great whether it is easy to share with friends in Busan or Seoul.

Unlimited Data SIM Yeh5points

 Very nice, it was convenient and reliable. I will use this internet SIM card again in next travel.

Unlimited Data SIM YITING5points

 The sim card signal very good. No need to carry another heavy Wifi stuff, much easy for travel, definitely will choose KT next time.

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Yenchia5points

The internet speed and coverage are good. Also, easy to activate and no need to return after use!

Unlimited Data SIM Liang-Cen5points

 It is very convinient to use this sim card. Signal are good at every place i visit. This make my journey smoother. Recommand for couple

Unlimited Data SIM Allison Sherlock5points

convenient pick up at airport!

Unlimited Data SIM kok5points
The connection was really good. No problems with the speed. Also the procedure for picking up the sim card at the airport was very smooth. Strongly recommended.
4G LTE Prepaid SIM froment pierre4points

The speed is great! It's made my trip more convenient because I frequently use it to connect a gps.

Unlimited Data SIM anne kim5points

Transaction and collection was smooth. Worth the money as it's unlimited data, connection was excellent all the time.

Unlimited Data SIM mathilda matthee5points

Extremely convenient and hassle free!

Unlimited Data SIM Shairul5points
Easy to understand instructions for collection. Good coverage of wireless in the mountains in Gangwon, Korea (3 hours outside Seoul).
4G LTE Prepaid SIM Amira4points
It took some time before I got it working. Overall, excellent service. The connection and speed is great. Highly recommended.
Unlimited Data SIM Napoleon4points
We got our sim cards without a hitch. The connection was constant, and the speed was true to Korean Internet standards. The only trouble we had was not enabling voice calls. It was a slight hassle trying to call local numbers without them on Whatsapp or Facebook. Would love this even more if there's an option to get voice call sim cards!
Unlimited Data SIM JIANG5points
Easy to find with clear instructions
4G LTE Prepaid SIM Mar5points
The sim is super fast and reliable. Highly recommended to whoever loves to connect with the world all the time
Unlimited Data SIM SZE5points
Excellent!!:) will recommend it to friends..:)
Unlimited Data SIM Vivi5points
Easy to redeem and worked great!
4G LTE Prepaid SIM Agnes5points
Excellent connection during our whole trip, and thanks to that, we were able to surf the internet, plan our trip and find our way around Seoul easily.
Unlimited Data SIM Nur5points
Fairly okay. Connection was good all throughout
Unlimited Data SIM CHRISTOPHER5points
It's an ultimate experience using LTE Data Sim Card as compared to Wifi Egg, the LTE connection is really fast and it almost doesn't lost signal even I'm in a festive or concert while wifi egg isn't working at all!
Unlimited Data SIM Fabrice Ruiz‎5points

It is a bit difficult to leave review..

But the SIM, price and quality is the best in all I have used.

Absolutely second to none.

Thank you.

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Khamidov Akbar5points

I love it :). Kind response. Fast reply. User friendly interface website

Unlimited Data SIM Dave osgood5points

Quick online help when the SIM card didn't activate due to a problem with my phone. I was worried I was in for a hassle, but things were handled in a professional and friendly manner. Best price I found at the airport, too!

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Sanjay Saini5points

Service is really awesome....I really enjoying 4G LTE service and also i feel that international call rates are pretty cheap!

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Mine Panichavong5points

I had a problem with my network connection so i messaged them through facebook and the response was really fast and helpful. They fixed my sim withing a day so i can use it normally now.

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Tonu cotton5points

I was having trouble with the SIM I bought the other day. I messaged the guys on Facebook and they had it fixed up for me in no time. I was very happy with the service I received, thanks!

Unlimited Data SIM CHEE WAI5points

I could easily find it at Incheon International Airport  KT

The staff worked quickly and accurately.It's something I'd like to recommend to people around me.

4G LTE Prepaid SIM Hoi man5points

Vert fast internet !! 😃 perfect! :):):):)

Unlimited Data SIM WEINING4points

 The pick up is simple.  Fast and efficient.

Unlimited Data SIM MARY GRACE5points

Compared to other sites, I think it's the cheapest and best.

Unlimited Data SIM Brian5points

I recommend you to live here without worrying about it. Because it is a great experience to come to Korea and enjoy the Internet at this speed.


Unlimited Data & 4G LTE Prepaid Sim Card, Indispensible to South Korea Trip

4G LTE Unlimited Data and Prepaid SIM Cards in Korea at the Lowest Price Guaranteed USD 22 | Korea SIM Card powered by kt(Korea Telecom) is a Authentic Company, that provide the best communication solution in Korea with unlimited data, 4G LTE Prepaid SIM and WiFi router. With advanced 4G LTE Technology, Korea unlimited data and prepaid SIM, powered by kt(Korea Telecom), you can avail personal local and international crystal clear voice calling at lowest prices.

Korea unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM help you to connect to internet with no concern and to your loved ones at exciting rates without any voice attenuation or distortion. Our Korea unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM users can now avail the opportunity of enjoying lowest rates in making and receiving calls and SMS service across the globe using local number over a lighting fast data connection. Korea unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM offers all new prepaid services and packages that are best designed for diverse customer requirements.

Korea unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM allows you to stay connected with your relatives at unbelievable rates and premium telecommunication qualities. Korea SIM card welcomes you to experience its comprehensive customer support system including rapid complaint responses, and billing statements. We love to make things easier and fast for our valuable users hence we integrate latest updates and trends in our Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM. We encourage you to browse our wide range of packages on Sim Card Korea and incredible offers keenly prepared for you. Rush to our nearest store to get your very own Korea Sim Card and start availing the best services like never before.