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Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number For Q-Code Recommended New 적립금

Basic Information
Product Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number For Q-Code
Price $5.90
Special Offer $4.50

To use or earn Naver Mileages, please check out through personal payment window.  

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Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number For Q-Code

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Korea eSIM Red with SHINSEGAE DUTY FREE Special Event

Buy Korea eSIM and Get Everland 30% off coupon with SKTelecom eSIM

     Do you have any phone that supports eSIM?

     We highly recommend you Korea eSIM Red for 4G LTE unlimited data and for Covid-19 Quarantine & Immigration in South Korea.

     Instant Email Delivery / No Pick-Up / No Parcel      

Please check here(click) if your phone is unlock and eSIM compatible before purchase.

There are Reasons for the Best Seller.

    Korea phone number(010) for Covid-19 Quarantine is provided.

    You can know the Korea phone number even before boarding the plane toward Korea.

    You can receive it by e-mail without the hassle of pick-up or delivery.

    You can start to use it at anywhere, anytime in South Korea.

    Customer support in case of a problem is guaranteed(100% response rate to the shopping mall messenger).

Product detail

SK Telecom. the No.1 mobile carrier (in the number of mobile subscribers) in Korea
※ Do not prepare with other roaming SIMs with low quality.

Services are guaranteed in all Korean Territories, including Jeju island.

The Real Unlimited Data with No Speed Down

Korean phone number(010) is given for receiving voice calls and messages, with which you can pass any process(Q-Code, K-ETA and Quarantine).
※ Except for 1 Day eSIM.

Outgoing calls and messages are unavailable in any cases.

After purchasing, an email containing eSIM QR code and phone number is sent in a few minutes and by scanning it, You can start to use it 24/7.

To make it sure, you can scan the QR code in your country before flight and start to use it in Korea after landing.
※ In your country, some phone number is seen on your phone. But it will be changed to Korean phone number (010-) in Korea automatically. After that, the period starts to count down.

m-VoIP(Voice Talk, FaceTime, etc.) and tethering(Mobile Hotspot) are available.

You can use it without removing the existing SIM card.

1 YEAR of activation period after Receiving QR code is guarnateed.


1 Day   US$ 5.9US$ 4.5 (23.6% OFF)

3 Days   US$ 16.1US$ 12.7 (21.0% OFF)

5 Days   US$ 24.6US$ 19.4 (21.0% OFF)

10 Days   US$ 34.4US$ 26.9 (21.7% OFF)

20 Days   US$ 54.0US$ 42.7 (21.0% OFF)

30 Days   US$ 63.8US$ 49.9 (21.8% OFF)

Activation Procedure

Purchase eSIM

Receive the eSIM QR code by the e-mail you wrote.
※ It may takes a few minutes from purchase to receiving the email.

eSIM activation procedure

Recognize eSIM QR code in Setting Menu(Cellular data > Add Cellular Plan) in Wi-Fi surrounding.


Refunds are impossible in any cases. Please keep in mind before purchase.

Only devices that support eSIM with unlocked can be used.

When purchasing, please write down the exact e-mail address to receive the eSIM QR code.
※ The eSIM QR code will be sent to the e-mail address you wrote down and if you have not received it, please check your spam mail or promotion tab.

The period of use is calculated from real use of the internet, not the purchase date.
※ If you purchased eSIM for 5 days on June 1st and scanned the QR code at 10AM on the 4th, you can use it until 10AM on the 9th.

The eSIM QR code can be scanned up to 5 times. Please DO NOT REMOVE Data Plan after Scanning the QR code. Removed plan can NEVER be rescaned or reused.

Once scanned, it can not be scanned with any other devices again.

It can't be used for self-authorization. Therefore, it cannot be used for online services that require online identity authentication.

To use 2 eSIMs continuously, please contact SKT tech support after usage of the first eSIM

If you have questions about purchase or services, please contact us through the shopping mall messenger.

If you encounter technical troubles, please contact SK Telecom Chat Service or call customer center 02-6343-9000 (If it's not a SK Telecom line, there's a charge).

Compatible Devices

Please make it sure if the phone is unlocked and compatible with Korea eSIM Red before buying it.

iPhones which has eSIM function :
If you can find "Add Cellular Plan" in Setting-Cellular menu and can find QR scanner there, it is compatible.

Android Phones which has eSIM function.
If you can find the QR code scanner in submenu in Setting-Mobile Network, it is compatible.

Trouble Shooting

1) Please check if your phone is unlocked and supports eSIM. Click HERE.

2) Eject any other USIM or set it off

3) Scan the QR code in Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan.

4) If you find an existing Profile or VPN(Setting > General), delete it and restart.

5) Go to Settings > Cellular > Select Network, select SKT manually and restart.

6) Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting and restart.

7) Contact to SK Telecom technical support team.

Have any smartphone that supports eSIM? Korea eSIM RED with Unlimited Data(No speed dowm) in South Korea
    A QR code will be sent to Your email. Activate it whenever you want No speed down, It offer Korean phone number, You can get support, It is safe from personal information leakage Korea eSIM RED, There are reasons for the bestseller Precautions. Refunds are impossible in any cases due to the nature of elecronic product. Only applicable on devices that are unlocked and supports eSIMs.You cannot make a voice call or send messages. You can scan QR code up to 5 times. NEVER delete eSIM before using all of it. Extention of duration is impossibel. You have to purchase another one. You cannot use the phone number for online self-identification. Trouble Shooting
    1) Please check if your phone is unlocked and supports eSIM. Click HERE.
    2) Eject any other USIM or set it off
    3) Scan the QR code in Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan.
    4) If you find an existing Profile or VPN(Setting > General), delete it and restart.
    5) Go to Settings > Cellular > Select Network, select SKT manually and restart.
    6) Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting and restart.
    7) Contact to SK Telecom technical support team.

Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid eSIM for Your Trip to South Korea
You can pass Covid-19 related quarantine and immigration easily by applying the Korean Phone Number(010) for Q-Code or K-ETA

Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid eSIM in Korea at the Lowest Price starting from US$ 2.9 | The very eSIM in the Incheon International Airport at discount | Korea eSIMs with SK Telecom(SKT), LG Uplus(LG U+), kt network are the most reliable mobile communication service and solution providers in South Korea. Korea eSIM Red offers extreme comfortable experience with unlimited data and Korean phone number(starting with 010) with which you can pass the Covid-19 related quarantine and immigration or apply for KETA as your phone number in advance. | No matter how much people use mobile data, they can enjoy Youtube streaming 24 hours during their stay in Republic of Korea with Korea eSIM Red. Korea eSIM Sky provides 4G LTE unlimited data at full-speed, Korean phone numbers(starting with 012) and unlimited incoming calls and messages. | Especially, Everyone will experience the world fastest internet here in South Korea with the Korea eSIM Sky offering 4G LTE full speed at over avg. 220 Mbps. Korea SIM Cards powered by SK Telecom, LG Uplus and kt(Korea Telecom) network are a Authentic and Reliable Companies, that provide the best communication solution in Korea for your personal, local and international communication with unlimited data provided by 4G LTE Prepaid SIM, eSIM and WiFi EGG. With advanced 4G LTE Technology, Korea unlimited data and prepaid SIM cards, eSIM and WiFi Router with SKT, LG U+ and KT network, are designed to provide seamless always connected internet and personal local and international crystal clear voice calling at lowest prices. South Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM and eSIM help you to connect to internet with no concern and to your loved ones at exciting rates without any voice attenuation or distortion through SK Telecom and kt(Korea Telecom) network. Our Korean unlimited data and 4G LTE prepaid SIM, USIM and eSIM users can now avail the opportunity of enjoying lowest rates in making and receiving calls and SMS service across Korean territories using local number over a lighting fast data connection. Korean SIM, eSIM and Wifi EGG offer all new prepaid services and packages that are best designed for diverse customer requirements. 4G LTE SIM card and eSIM in Korea allows you to stay connected with your relatives at unbelievable rates and premium telecommunication qualities with SKT and KT network. South Korea USIM card and eSIM welcomes you to experience its comprehensive customer support system including rapid complaint responses, and billing statements. We love to make things easier and fast for our valuable users hence we integrate latest updates and trends in our prepaid SIM cards and eSIM in Korea. We encourage you to browse our wide range of packages on Sim Card Korea and incredible offers keenly prepared for you. Please enjoy your very own Korean prepaid USIM Card, eSIM and Pocket Wifi EGG (router) availing the best services like never before. You can pick them up at all the South Korean International Airports including Incheon airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2), Gimhae airport (Busan), Gimpo airport, Daegu airport and Jeju airport and at international harbors including Incheon Harbor and Busan harbor.

Total count : Total rate : /5.0

Please leave your reviews here about Korea eSIM Red 4G LTE Unlimited Data + Phone Number For Q-Code

Product Reviews
No. Title Posted by Date View Point

eSIM RED is a little bit pricey but worth it than other cheap roaming SIMs

L**** 2023-09-25 7 5points

It works flawlessly. eSIM RED is recommendable

F**** 2023-09-25 4 5points

best support and service! eSIM RED is good

C**** 2023-09-22 5 5points

eSIM Red is fastest prepaid SIM I ever used

R**** 2023-09-20 9 5points

Thanks to the excellent customer support, I was able to use it well.

eSIM RED is best

G**** 2023-09-18 6 5points

If you need a SIM for traveling to Korea, I recommend eSIM RED

U**** 2023-09-15 19 5points

eSIM RED is the fastest sim card I've ever experienced

S**** 2023-09-13 13 5points

eSIM RED is very good.

W**** 2023-09-12 10 5points

I highly recommend eSIM for travel to Korea

e**** 2023-09-11 7 5points

Unlimited high-speed Internet. I could watch YouTube 1080p videos using eSIM.

w**** 2023-09-08 10 5points


a**** 2023-08-30 9 5points

easy to install and great speed. would buy it sgain

L**** 2023-08-29 15 5points

Whenever I visit Korea, I use eSIM RED

V**** 2023-08-24 23 5points

this is first time using prepaid eSIM. It works flawlessly

c**** 2023-08-23 20 5points

There is a 010 number, so you can use it for kakao taxi or restaurant reservations. The speed is also very fast.

r**** 2023-08-21 36 5points

It provides outstanding customer service. eSIM also works well.

E**** 2023-08-21 18 5points

It's very fast and convenient.

P**** 2023-08-18 19 5points

I received an e-mail 10 minutes after ordering. Scanned and used. The speed is fast and good.

s**** 2023-08-14 27 5points

I used it so well. It's also very fast.

K**** 2023-08-14 31 5points

Very convenient and good price. ESim installation is quick and easy, worth every cent to be connected as soon as you arrive to Korea.

c**** 2023-08-08 37 5points

Easy to activate. Service and data was sufficient for our trip in Seoul.

Korea SIM card 2023-08-07 38 5points

The eSIM of the Korea SIM Card is comfortable.

m**** 2023-08-03 58 5points

Excellent connection easy to purchase, easy to set up and great connection! no issues with connection at all! highly recommend this to South Korea e-SIM for users! 👍🏻👍🏻

M**** 2023-07-05 52 5points

Easy set up took a bit of time to recognize sk telecom when I landed but no problems after, always has great connection

S**** 2023-07-05 53 5points

Fast connection and the phone number worked

great connection

F**** 2023-07-05 45 5points

super easy to connect! Once landed in Incheon airport, it took me less than 5 mins to connect to SKT. Didn’t have to reboot!

H**** 2023-07-05 49 5points

This is my second time purchasing and using this esim. Although this is not the cheapest one but you get a phone number that you can receive sms or call so it’s nice when you need to do restaurant reservations etc.

M**** 2023-07-05 52 5points

Fast, reliable, convenient and no need to change cards. I will continue to use it next time.

芳**** 2023-06-16 49 5points

Very convenient. It was cheaper to buy online than in person so I booked this while in queue at the kiosk and got my discount.

J**** 2023-06-16 47 5points

下飛機連到機場 wifi 後,掃描 QR code 就可以連上了,電話號碼也可以綁定 kakaotalk 抽餐廳號碼牌,在外面也可以將網路分享給電腦,一個人在韓國旅遊真的很方便。

曼**** 2023-06-02 56 5points

It is very convenient to use the local sim card, the network is quite smooth, and it is very convenient to have a Korean number

j**** 2023-05-26 62 5points

The speed is super fast. Compared with DJB, it is really much easier to use. At the airport, DJB cannot be received or opened at all. On the contrary, there is no problem and it is super fast.

Z**** 2023-05-23 55 5points

Unfortunately, this SK Telecom eSIM card allows for receiving calls but does NOT allow for making calls (receiving calls is OK though).  

j**** 2023-05-21 64 3points


網卡很棒 其實可以不用擔心,但我還是多加錢買了電話號碼,但也許是買了電話號碼,生平第一次使用,就是靠電話號碼點進去~成功! 網路速度很快,不愧是韓國,必須稱讚👍,也謝謝KKday!

靜**** 2023-05-11 58 5points

Hi my name meerab and i am studing in 9th class  i am big fan south korea i also4 big fan bts bts my everyrhing i wanna meet bts i need job in south korea

m**** 2023-05-09 60 5points
28 網速很快無上限,在首爾市區或仁川都很順暢


立**** 2023-05-06 58 5points

Easy setup, just scan the QR code in the email to activate

J**** 2023-05-04 54 5points

best eSIM i ever used. 

this is the first family trip going jeju. everyone is excited and also doing our research for jeju entry requirements

A**** 2023-04-27 58 5points

iPhone12 Pro Max (from AT&T, unlocked) The eSim was extremely easy to use as a data sim. I had the eSim QR code ready on a secondary device. When I arrived at Gimpo Airport 1) I immediately connected to the free Airport Wifi 2) went to the Cellular setting 3) Clicked the add eSim and by QR code 4) Scanned the QR code from my secondary device 5) Waited a few minutes for the phone to connect to the network (you may need to reset your phone but I didn’t have to) 6) I ensured that cellular data switching was off and that the new eSim was set as the primary data network, so it wouldn’t use my US phone line in the “Cellular Data” setting 7) enjoyed using the unlimited data! I was able to use the phone number provided with the QR code in the K-ETA and the Q-Code webpage. I did receive some random text messages with Bible versus, but I just ignored them. 10/10 would purchase again.

R**** 2023-04-18 66 5points

So worth it!

Great purchase! Easy to figure out, didn't lose signal once throughout my stay in Korea, and speed was fast

J**** 2023-04-18 52 5points

한국에 한달동안 머물게 되어 이 웹사이트에서 유심칩을 구매했습니다. 첫날에 활성화를 했을때 살짝 문제가 있었지만 페이스북 메신저로 문의 드렸더니 엄청 빨리 답장도 주시고 문제도 빨리 해결해드렸습니다. 현재 2주정도 사용중인데 별문제 없었고 속도도 괜찮습니다. 좀 아쉬운게 있다면 한국에서 개통한게 아니여서 온라인으로 본인인증은 안되더라고요.. 그거빼곤 만족합니다!! 

B**** 2023-04-07 65 5points



R**** 2023-03-28 59 5points


3日間72時間使い放題で、特に1日あたりの容量制限なく、快適でした。 空港到着後、空港のWi-Fiに繋げて、すぐにesimのQRコードを読み込んでアクティベート完了!

T**** 2023-03-24 66 5points


設定方法も簡単で現地では動画を見たりせず検索など必要なことしか調べないので速度制限もかからず旅行中ずっと快適でした。 また利用したいと思えるとても便利なeSIMでした!

菜**** 2023-02-14 65 5points


鈺**** 2023-02-14 57 5points

It's very convenient. It's easy to operate.

Convenient! No need to change the card, go abroad before the completion of the settings, the plane can be connected to the settings, immediately with the family report safe.In the past few days, the network has been stable and has a reception number, which can be used to provide contact information and receive official announcements such as snow notices…I'll buy them again next time.

M**** 2023-01-25 76 5points

Easy, fast. Remember to reboot.

J**** 2023-01-25 63 5points


設定方法も簡単で現地では動画を見たりせず検索など必要なことしか調べないので速度制限もかからず旅行中ずっと快適でした。 また利用したいと思えるとても便利なeSIMでした!

菜**** 2023-01-25 60 5points



M**** 2023-01-25 64 5points


購入から数時間後にはQRコードが届き、旅行直前の購入でしたが安心でした。 入れ替える手間もなく、さくさく問題なく繋がります。 今後も利用させていただきます!

里**** 2023-01-25 58 5points

i accidentally purchased 2 quantities of 1-day Korea eSIM Red and i only need one (yes, i am that stupid. *note: the site already gave me heads up that i was purchasing the same product 2 times and asked me if i still want to continue but i absentmindedly tapped yes because i was panicking*) i immediately messaged the customer service for a possible refund and still got no reply but because the sim that i bought from the airport is about to expire, i decided to read once again the precautions of this site and saw that refunds are impossible (unless they considered your case carefully just like that one review here) but then thankfully, the  qr codes that were sent to me (they sent it in a flash btw, everything was so fast) were two different qr codes (as it should be because i bought 2 quantities after all)  so  ! i just decided to keep the other one for my next trip here in south korea because it can still be activated 1 year after you receive the qr code. to add, the eSIM is working well! its my first time using an eSIM and my cellular network went from KT to SKT. the signal is good and is just as fast as the other physical sim that i bought from the airport. 

i will surely purchase from this site again because aside from the fast transaction, its very affordable too! thank you so much krsim!!

t**** 2022-12-31 69 5points

Due to my fault, I was not able to use eSim at all. According to the policy, I gave up to get refund. However, the company carefully considered my situation and made an exception. This company offered the best price, fast response and reasonable refund service. 

Definitely, I will love to use whenever I am visiting Korea!

E**** 2022-12-29 64 5points

Amazing Service.

Got the qr code in 2 minutes. Real instant service. Seamless internet everywhere even underground. Free to choose when to start to use the service by scanning.

q**** 2022-12-27 60 5points

Easy to use and very fast

It's very convenient to use and the speed of data was fast. Alsothey have the Excellent customer service. I'll use it for my next trip

M**** 2022-12-27 60 5points

I bought the eSIM RED and got the KOREA TOUR CARD!

They have the Excellent customer service. 

I'll use it for my next trip

v**** 2022-12-02 71 5points

Very helpful when I had issues getting my eSim to work. I expected a response the next day but they responded immediately even though it was late! Thank you.

L**** 2022-11-15 68 5points

BEST Choice i ever made!!! 

j**** 2022-11-06 78 5points

My American friend got esim and had issues with the QR code. I texted kr sim through Facebook messenger. Initially there was an automated message, but in a few hours someone actually got back to me through the messenger and was super helpful. The issue got resolved. Thank you!!

C**** 2022-10-25 71 5points

I only have good things to say about this company! Reasonable price with excellent and professional customer service!The customer support was prompt and straight forward with clear instructions. All of my questions were answered in no time! I highly recommend Korea sim!

A**** 2022-09-20 93 5points

very affordable, most reliable, exceptional customer!

Popular message
G**** 2022-09-20 124 5points

pre-ordered an e-SIM for my Korea trip and the process was extremely smooth.  connected to the QR code provided and reached out via their facebook messenger to get the issues resolved.  their response was extremely quick and they were able to resolve my item!

Popular message
J**** 2022-08-31 139 5points

I can travel conveniently.

speed of using eSIM RED has always been good

It was so nice to get a KTC card that can be used as transportation card at the airport.

Popular message
R**** 2022-08-30 111 5points

It's really satisfying.

Popular message
J**** 2022-08-29 141 5points

Inquiry See All