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Title [eSIM] How to extract SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code from eSIM QR code image to install eSIM by manual mode
  • Korea SIM card (ip:)
  • 2023-01-09 16:12:34
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Q. How can I install eSIM profile manually with eSIM QR code image?
How can I extract SM-DP+ Address and Activation from eSIM QR code image?


An eSIM QR code contains an information as a serial number format like below when scanned.

(You can check it by your mobile phone camera or at https://webqr.com/ on PC.)

And the former part between two '$'s is ‘SM-DP+ Address’ and the latter after second '$' is ‘Activation Code’.

Both do not contain any '$'.

So, you can try manual installation with eSIM QR code image only, now.

On the order for Korea eSIM Red and Sky,

'SM-DP+ Address' and 'Activation Code' are sent together with the QR code in the email. 

So you can easily install eSIM profile with no other QR code image print.

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