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Title [Covid-19] Is there any problem with the airport pick-up due to the Corona incident?(Q-Code)
Posted by Korea SIM card (ip:)
  • Date 2020-06-15 09:57:15
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Q. As far as I know, the immigration quarantine has been strengthened due to COVID-19 (Corona incident), is there any problem with the airport pick-up?


 No problem, picking up at Incheon International Airport is available.

 However, international visitors must register their vaccine history and personal information (including phone number) 

 on the Q-Code system before arriving in Korea starting from April 1, 2022.


 When registering, You can input the phone number with Gold SIM cards, but depending on your arrivals (terminals), you can pick it up 

 before or after the quarantine inspection.


 - If you arrive at Terminal 2,

 SK Telecom roaming booth is  located in quarantine and immigration floor.


 Therefore, as soon as you get off the plane, you can go to the SK telecom desk and receive SIM card.

 After picking up, you can input your information with the phone number of the SIM card you picked up in Q-Code system.

- If you arrive at Terminal 1,

 SK Telecom roaming booth is located in the arrival hall after quarantine, immigration and baggage claim.

 Therefore, you need to input your information in Q-Code system before picking up SIM card.

 When registering, you can input the temporary available contact phone number such as hotel where you'll be staying, 

 and then you can change the phone number after receiving the SIM card.   


 So don't worry about pick-up :)


  Terminal 1 : SKT Roaming booth is in between Gate9 and Gate10 (6AM~10PM)

  Terminal 2 : SKT Roaming booth is in between Gate4 and Gate5 (6AM~10PM) 

 However, please note that pick-up at airports and ports other than Incheon International Airport are not currently in operation.

* If you have any issue with pick up, please contact us via Facebook Messenger(ID: Krsim) and we will send you with free delivery service.

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