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Title [BLUE, RED] I can make a voice call. but I can not use internet.
Posted by Korea SIM card, Best unlimited data USIM for trip (ip:)
  • Date 2016-10-13 15:01:30
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I can make a voice call. but I can not use internet.


Mostly, when activated you can freely use voice call, message to everywhere and data.

But in some circumstance, there may be needed additional set up process.

If your internet doesn't work even after the activation is completed, follow this step.

(In the manual, you can also find following information)

Android phone

[Settings] - [Wireless and Networks] - [Mobile Networks] - [Access Point Names] - input the values on the below - choose [KT] - restart


Name : KT

APN : alwayson.ktfwing.com

MMSC : http://mmsc.ktfwing.com:9082

MCC : 450


1) [Settings] - [General] - (If VPN below profile exists) [Delete Profile]


            If you still can not access 4G LTE, proceed below 2.


        2) [Settings] - [General] - [Bottom Reset] - [Reset Network Settings]

Password * Type in password to change or delete.
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